Vibro pressed

Official representation of HESS, a plant for the production and sale of paving slabs, decorative wall blocks, curbs and lawn stone, made on German equipment using semi-dry vibrocompression technology, the production line capacity is up to 1000 m2 / day


launch year

1 000

m2, power
production per day

1 576

tons shipped
in 2019


Technological equipment for the plant was purchased from the leading German company HESS GROUP

The heart of the new production line is a concrete casting machine made at the headquarters in Germany. The latest development of the world market leader is equipped with a high-performance automatic control system that allows you to produce concrete products of the highest quality and with the highest precision.

Moreover, the key achievements of European manufacturers have been adapted to Russian regulatory requirements.

The materials used in the plant meet the highest requirements: washed and fractionated sands, high-quality gray and white cements, etc.

When painted, vibropressed paving slabs retain their color saturation for their entire life (over 30 years).

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On the basis of our enterprise, we have opened an online store

We see the rapid growth of the company today and are confident in the future.


ColorMix technology

Another innovative solution is the ColorMix technology. It allows you to give paving slabs all kinds of colors, apply drawings to it and create various imitations of color combinations. This will make it possible to move away from the familiar and classic appearance of tiles, creating a unique look for individual private houses and entire cities. Today the assortment of the company includes more than 40 color positions, most of which are individual and have no analogues.


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