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Our company offers thermal insulation materials and dry building mixtures of the GRENDER trademark. Produced on Sakhalin are not inferior in quality to the leading European counterparts, are made from Far Eastern natural raw materials.


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Dry building mixtures “GRENDER” are distinguished by simplicity and ease of use – each type of mixture contains detailed instructions for use on the packaging. It is easy and comfortable to work with the GRENDER mix. solutions are homogeneous, plastic when applied, have improved characteristics in strength and adhesion to the treated base. Mixes “GRENDER” have characteristics of heat and sound insulation indicators, not worse than those of well-known brands of dry building mixtures.

Mixes “GRENDER” are produced in accordance with GOST, and all materials used to prepare the mixtures comply with the requirements of GOST.

Heat insulating

The volume of thermal insulation production is 700 tons per month, i.e. within one week, our company can ship to your address up to 2500 m3 of thermal insulation boards.

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We see the rapid growth of the company today and are confident in the future.


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