The company “Building Base No. 1” currently occupies a leading position in the Sakhalin Region in the production of building materials.

The sphere of interests of the company “Building Base No. 1” includes such areas as:

– production of autoclaved aerated concrete (the only plant in the Sakhalin region);

– production of asphalt concrete mixtures;

– production of concrete and mortars;

– production of reinforced concrete products;

– extraction and processing of natural sand (the most powerful washing machine for processing sand in the Sakhalin region);

– production of vibropressed products;

– asphalt paving and road repair works;

– provision of construction equipment rental services.

Building Base # 1 has survived the economic crises of 2008 and 2014, the change of 2 governors and many different inspections by the regulatory authorities. In the crisis year of 2020, the company is dynamically growing and developing, mastering new production areas and opening new production sites.

Join our effective team and become part of a successful company that daily provides dozens of enterprises in the Sakhalin Region with high-quality construction materials.